Report on Unjoined Parcels

This report calculates the lot misclose and area for unjoined parcels
The misclose is distributed by a bowditch adjustment before the area is calculated.

Select Unjoined Parcels from the Report menu and enter the details of the output file.

True Mid Bearing Parcels
True Mid bearings are corrected using the latitude and longitude of the job centroid.

True mid bearings will be adjusted if:
1. The job datum and Zone is set.Datum Zone
2. The job centroid has been set up.
3. The "Mid Brgs" box is ticked in the Plan section of the Parcel properties menu.

Setting the Job Centroid
If the job has control points, the job centroid will be determined from the control point coordinates.
If it is a new job, or does not have any control points, the centroid can be entered with Job Settings.Job Settings

Select "Job Settings" from the file menu.
Press the "Set Job Centroid" button and the Job centroid dialogue will pop up.
If a centroid exists its coordinates will be displayed.
If the "Latitude/Longitude" box is ticked, the centroid data can be entered as a Latitude and Longitude.