Keyboard Keys

The program supports the following functions keys.
F1 - Help
F2 - Show Point
F3 - Show Bearing Distance
F4 - Show Square Offset
F5 - Zoom All
F6 - Find Point
F7 - Zoom Window
F8 - Layers
F9 - Properties
F10 - Points mode
F11 - Strings mode
F12 - Text mode

Scroll screen viewport up (picture moves down)
Scroll screen viewport down (picture moves up)
<—Scroll screen viewport left (picture moves right)
—>Scroll screen viewport right (picture moves left)
+ (keypad)Zoom in
- (keypad)Zoom out
HomeZoom All
PageUpScroll screen viewport up (picture moves down)
PageDownScroll screen viewport down (picture moves up)

Ctrl+F5 - Zoom Previous
Ctrl+N - New job
Ctrl+O - open a Job
Ctrl+F4 - Close a Job
Ctrl+S - Save the job to file
Ctrl+C - Copy data to Clipboard
Ctrl+V - Paste data from Clipboard into the job
Ctrl+F - Find a Point/String
Ctrl+P - Properties
Ctrl+T – Insert Text
Ctrl+Z - Undo

Alt+C - Contour/Topo Mode
Alt+P - Points Mode
Alt+S - Strings Mode
Alt+T - Text Mode
Alt+L - Longsection Mode
Alt+F4 - Exit from program

Ctrl+B - Insert Bearing, Distance
Ctrl+R - Insert Bearing, Bearing
Ctrl+3 - Insert Centre, 3 Points
Ctrl+A - Insert Arc, Arc

For more info on mouse functions click here
For more info on screen manipulation click here