Tutorial Contents

The tutorials have been provided to give the user an introduction to the program and demonstrate how it can be used on typical problems. They are not designed to provide a comprehensive training course on all aspects of the software, but more as a general guide to the overall facilities within the program. “On Line” and “context sensitive” help is also available and this can be used to assist at any time.

Each tutorial will lead the user through a typical job to show the general approach and some of the facilities which are available.

For a more comprehensive training course, use the Training Course which is provided on CD and consists of a series of video ‘movies’ demonstrating each feature of the package with a voice over describing what is being done at each step and why.

Points, Strings

Subdivision Design

Moving a Job onto Control

Adjustment of Traverses in GeoSurvey

Form Strings and Point Symbolisation

Topo - Stadia Reduction


Extracting Sections

Export Road Design


LandXML Discussion

LandXML NSW ePlan

LandXML from Civilcad