Append GeoSurvey Job

The program will read the points, strings, text etc from another GeoSurvey job and insert them into the current job. Enter the name of the job to read followed by these options:

Preserve Incoming Point Numbers
Check this to use the point numbers in the input file, Uncheck it to allocate new point numbers. If this is Unchecked, set the starting point number for the job in the next field. Note: This option must be Checked to read in strings, text etc.

Insert Point
Enter the starting point number if you want the program to specify the point numbers for the incoming points. This is used only if Preserve Point Numbersis Unchecked.

Include Strings
Check this to read in the strings as well as the points. This option can only be used if the Preserve Point Numbersis checked as the program cannot handle the strings if new point numbers are being used.

Include Text
Check this to read in the text as well as the points.

Note: This option is on the File Menu. You can append an old format job (.PTS type job) or a new format .ACS job by selecting the file type to open as .PTS or .ACS.