Job Properties

The Job Properties dialog box allows the user to set the parameters such as the working directory and plot scale for the job.

Job Name
The job name is the file name used to save the job data on the disk.

Working Directory
This directory is generally where the .ACS file and any other input or output data file will be stored. When a program option allows you to read or write a data file, it will be placed in this directory by default.

User Name
The username is recorded in the job for information purposes only.

Company Name
The company name is recorded in the job for information purposes only.

Datum Projections
Select a Datum and Projection from the list.
If there are none available, the configuration file may need to be set up - this is done in Program settings

You can 'set' the datum/projection at any time, any data already in the job will not be changed.

Job Plot Scale
This scale factor is the scale at which the job is expected to be plotted. Set this at the start of the job as it affects how the symbols are drawn. This scale factor is used with the display scale factor to scale the size of the symbols on the screen. If in doubt use a starting scale of 1:500.

Max Triangle Length
Enter the maximum triangle length in metres. When triangles are being formed, sometimes long thin triangles are formed down the side of the job. To avoid this, enter a maximum length. In general this should be 1.5 times the maximum distance between field observations. If in doubt leave blank.

Metric USA Image File
The image file can be used to provide a backdrop for the job. It is usually an aerial photo of the job. There is an option on the zoom menu to allow the background image and the job to be ‘aligned’ so that the image overlays the job correctly.

This option invokes the 'Load Image' dialog box to allow you tpo specify th image to be used.

Set Point/Layer Height Display
Click this option to set the number of decimals places for all points and layers to a certain value. Click here for more information.

CS Template File
This file contains the templates to be used for cross section design

Job Information
This option contains additional administrative information about the job. This information can be plotted to the plan forms if required. Click here for more information.

Program Settings
This option allows program specific setting to be altered. Click here for more information.