Print Grid Options

When printing a Viewport, this option allows you to also plot a grid on the plan.
The Grid Options button allows the user to set a range of grid options to control the appearance of the grid.

Grid Size
Enter the distance between the grid lines in ground metres

Grid Type
The grid can be a Full line grid, a Graticule grid (crosses), or None for just the edge ticks to be drawn.

Graticule Size
This is the size of the crosses for a Graticule grid, in plan millimetres.

Line Colour
This is the line colour to be used

Text Size
Enter the size of the Easting, Northing text in plan millimeters

Text Colour
This is the colour to be used for the text

Tick this box to draw a border line arund the grid, use the next option to select the colour.

Border Colour
This is the colour to be used for the border

Text Inside Border
This option when ticked will plot the Easting/Northing text inside the grid border along the grid lines.

No Left/Bottom Text
This option when ticked removes any grid text along the left border and bottom border.