XML Symbol Definitions

A symbol definition defines the shape of the symbol to be drawn.
The first 16 symbols are ‘built-in’ to the program and so do not need to be defined.
These are names 0,1,2,3…15.

You can define the Symbol definitions in the xml config file (usually called GeoSurvey_config.xml)
See the supplied config file about line 505 for examples.
Note: These were formerly defined in the .MST file, usually called Strings_def.mst.
If you define your symbols using the MST file, you must tick the 'MST Symbols' tick box on 'Program Settings'.

Note: if the Program Settings/Code/Stringing File is blank the XML config definitions will be used.

This is an example, it is the definition of symbol "1"
   <symbol name="1" truncate="Y" desc="standard Symbol 1" >     <penup />
    <plotabs> 0.00,0.00</plotabs>
    <pendown />
    <circle> 1.00,2.00</circle>

<Name> Symbol name/number
<desc> Symbol description or meaning
<Truncate> "Y" - truncate lines at edge of symbol
<Penup> Lift the drawing pen, will move to next co-ord without drawing a line
<Pendown> Lower the drawing pen, will move to next coord drawing a line
<Plotabs> Enter the x,y co-ords of the next point to move to
<Circle> Draw a circle, radius and plot increment(mm)
<Colour> Colour of following lines. See also Colours
If no colour is specified it will use the symbol colour in the job. (Preferred)
<FillColour> Colour of filled objects, Polygon, FilledCircle. See also Colours
If no fill colour is specified it will fill using the symbol colour in the job. (Preferred)
If you enter a FillColour - it will override the symbol colour
<Text> Draw this text string
<textAngle> Draw text at this angle - 0-360 (survey angle)
<Polygon> Define a filled polygon by a series of X,Y points. Enter X only to terminate polygon.

This will draw a square with a black border and fill it with the current symbol colour
   <symbol name="SQ" desc="Filled Square" >
    <Colour> BLACK </Colour>
    <Polygon> -1.0,1.0 </Polygon>
    <Polygon> 1.0,1.0 </Polygon>
    <Polygon> 1.0,-1.0 </Polygon>
    <Polygon> -1.0,-1.0 </Polygon>
    <Polygon> -1.0,1.0 </Polygon>
    <Polygon> 0.0 </Polygon>

<FilledCircle> - define a filled circle by radius, plot increment(mm).
   <symbol name="CIR" desc="Filled Circle" >
    <Colour> BLACK </Colour>
    <FilledCircle> 1.0,0.5 </FilledCircle>

You can also find Point Codes and String Codes in the xml config file.