Conform Layers

This option will allow you to force the Layers to Conform to certain standards.

The Edit/Layers/Conform Layers option will read the GeoSurvey_config.xml file and will use the information in the <stringCodes> section to change layers to the defined attributes values such as colour, font, text size, symbol etc.

It reads teh xml file and for each code entry layer name it looks at the attributes defined and if that layer exists in the job, it changes the layer attributes to match those found in the config file.

This is a sample definition line from the xml file.
   <string code="AB*" type="Discon" discon="yes" layer="Geom Points" colour="RED" fillColour="Green" style="5" thickness="0.5" fontSize="3.77" fontName="Tahoma" textAngle="45" symbolSize="2.8" symbol="5" heightDecimals="4" contourable="Yes" />

The following attributes will be changed for the layer "Geom Points"
Layer colour - RED
Layer Fill colour - GREEN
Line style - 5
Line thickness - 0.5mm
Font(text) size - 3.77mm
Font name - Tahoma
Text angle - 45 degrees (survey angle)
Symbol size - 2.8mm
Symbol name - "5"
Number of decimal places for spot heights - 4
Contourable - Yes

Layers - Groups
The layer name can be lso contain a layer name, place the group name first followed by a tilde character '~' and then the layer name. Here is an example
   <string code="AB*" type="Discon" discon="yes" layer="Stage1~Geom Points" colour="RED" .... />

Wildcard names
The Group name can be a wildcard character '*', or 'Stage*' etc.
Here are a few examples.
   <string code="AB*" type="Discon" discon="yes" layer="*~Points" colour="RED" .... /> <string code="AC*" type="Discon" discon="yes" layer="Stage*~Points" colour="RED" .... />
The first example will affect all layers with any group name or no group name and the layer name = 'Points".
The second example will affect all layers with the group name staring with 'Stage' followed by any characters, and the layer name = 'Points".