Load Image

This option allows you to specify the name of an image file to be loaded as a background to the job. It can be a .jpg or .gif file.

Image File
The image file can be used to provide a backdrop for the job. It is usually an aerial photo of the job. There is an option on the zoom menu to allow the background image and the job to be ‘aligned’ so that the image overlays the job correctly.

The image option can also be used to load a Title plan as the backdrop and will allow you to digitise irregular boundaries (creeks) into the job.

the image will be loaded at 1:1 ratio. For a scanned image of a plan, you may only see the bottom left corner of the plan. You can zoom and pan the image independent of the job using these keys:
see also:
Unload Image to remove the image from the screen.
Orient Job to Image to align the job scale, rotation and origin to the image.
Reset Orientation to remove the orientation.