Paste from Clipboard

The program will insert the points, strings, text etc from the Paste buffer into the current job. A sample of the data is shown in the dialog box so you can see that you areinserting valid GeoSurvey data.

Note: This option is on the Edit Menu and can also be invoked by the standard Windows Ctrl/V keystroke.

Preserve Incoming Point Numbers
Check this to keep the point numbers the same. Uncheck it to allocate new point numbers. If this is Unchecked, set the starting point number for the job in the next field. Note: This option must be Checked to read in strings, text etc.

Insert Point
Enter the starting insert point number if you want to allocate new point numbers for the incoming points. This is only available if Preserve Point Numbers is Unchecked.

Overwrite exiting Points
Check this to overwrite and replace existing points - it will not display an error when input points clash with existing points.

Include Strings
Check this to read in the strings as well as the points. This option can only be used if the Preserve Point Numbers is checked as the program cannot handle the strings if new point numbers are being used.

Include Text Check this to read in the text as well as the points.

Paste to a Text File You can also paste the data into a text file - it will look like the data in the dialog box above.