Insert Point - Arc Bearing

This option allows a point to be defined using the intersection of an Arc and a Bearing line.

Enter the point number to be defined. This will normally be automatically allocated as the next unused Geom Point. You can override this number, just type in the required number. Note that if you type in the number of an existing point, the new point will replace the existing point.

Enter the centre point number of the arc, or click on the centre point with the mouse.

Enter the radius of the curve in metres, or click two points and the distance between them will be computed and inserted.

From Point 2
Enter the from point number of the line, or click on the form point of the line.

Bearing 2
Enter the bearing of the line, or click on any line and the system will copy the bearing to this field, or click on two points and the system will compute the bearing and insert it.

Parallel Offset 2
If the line needs to be offset from ‘From Pt 2’, enter the parallel offset in metres.

Auxiliary Point
When a line intersects a circle, there can be two intersection points, enter (or click) another point number nearest the required solution.

Press the Ok button to compute the point.