Bearing Entry

When a bearing is correctly entered, a blue dashed construction line will appear on the screen to visually confirm your intention.

Method 1 Enter the bearing via the keyboard as a seven figure bearing "0051230" for 5 degrees, 12 minutes and 30 seconds. Entry of a - sign will reverse the bearing, thus -45 becomes 315 degrees.

Method 2 It can also be entered as "5.1230".

Method 3 Bearings can be rotated clockwise by 90 degrees by entering an 'R' in the front of the bearing, thus "R45" becomes 135 degrees. The R can be combine with any other method except for the / (method 4).

Method 4 Bearings can be reversed by entering a '/' in the front of the bearing, thus "/45" becomes 225 degrees. The / can be combine with other methods except for the R (method 3).

Method 5 A bearing can also be defined by two points entered at the keyboard as "220,221".

Method 6 Click on two points on the screen to define the bearing between the two points. Click on the points in the reverse order to reverse the bearing.

Method 7 Alternatively, you can click on one point and enter the other one at the keyboard. Note that the order of the points determines the bearing direction.

Method 8 A bearing can also be defined by clicking on a line in the job. the bearing of the line will be displayed on the screen. The program searches the lines in the job and takes the first line found near the mouse click. Watch the direction of the line, you can usually get the reverse bearing by clicking a parallel line on the other side of the lot.