Change Zone

Coordinate Systems
A job can be on a local coordinate system or use a projection of a section of the earth mapped to a geodetic datum.

The Change Zone option will allow the user to convert co-ordinates for all the points in the job from one zone to another within a given datum.

The current datum and zone is displayed in a window and a list box provides a list of alternative zones. To change zone, select from the list in the Target System window and click the transform job button.

Set Datum, Zone
Allows the user to set the datum and zone for the current co-ordinate system for the job. No points are transformed or converted, this just tells the system that the current co-ords are in the specified datum and Zone.

Allowable Datums and Zones
Datum Zone Description
  47-58 Zones 47 - 58
  542-543 ISG Zones 542 - 543
  551-553 ISG Zones 551 - 553
  561-562 ISG Zones 561 - 562
  ALB84 Albany Grid
  BRO84 Broome Grid
  BCG84 Busselton Coastal Grid
  CARN84 Carnarvon Grid
  CIG84 Christmas Island Grid
  CKI84 Cocos Island Grid
  ESP84 Esperance Grid
  EXM84 Exmouth Grid
  GCG84 Geraldton Coastal Grid
  GOLD84 Goldfields Grid
  JCG84 Jurien Coastal Grid
  KAR84 Karratha Grid
  KUN84 Kununurra Grid
  LCG84 Lancelin Coastal Grid
  MRCG84 Margaret River Coastal Grid
  PCG84 Perth Coastal Grid
  PHG84 Port Headland Grid

For an explanation of Datums History, click here.