Copy Point Data

This option will Copy point data from one field to another.
You can copy the Code field data to the Point Remark for a range of points.

Source Field
Select the Source field to be copied.
The contents of this field will be copied to the Destination field
for each point selected.

Destination Field
Select the Destination field where the data will be inserted

The existing contents of the Dest field will be overwritten, even if the Source field is blank,
the blank will be copied to the Dest field.

When copying data to the Attribute fields you may get unexpected results.
Say you copy Src='Code' to Dest='Attrib 3'.
The code will be copied to the 3rd name/vale pair (Attrib 3).
If there is not Attrib 1 or Attrib 2 for a point, a name value pair will be created
as 'Attrib3 = code'. This may be the first, second or third name/value pair for the point.