Distance Entry

Method 1 Enter the Grid distance via the keyboard as a number in metres.
If the job has a projection, you can enter a ground distance using a G prefix. G1000 is a ground distance of 1000 metres.

Method 2 A distance can also be defined by two points entered at the keyboard as "220,221".

Method 3 Click on two points on the screen to define the distance between the two points.

Method 4 Click on one point and enter the other one at the keyboard.

Method 5 A distance can also be defined by clicking on a line in the job. the distance of the line will be displayed on the screen. The program searches the lines in the job and takes the first line found near the mouse click. Watch that you get the correct line as the program will pick the first line found, this may not be the one you want if there are several lines over each other.

Feet and Inches Entry

You can enter Enter a '-' between the feet and inches values.
Enter a '/' between the numerator and denominator of the fraction of inches.

Some Examples