Insert Point Point on Curve

This option allows a point to be defined as an Arc or Chord distance along a curve. This is used for defining lot frontage points along a curve.

Enter the point number to be defined. This will normally be automatically allocated as the next unused Geom Point. You can override this number, just type in the required number. Note that if you type in the number of an existing point, the new point will replace the existing point.

Enter the From point, this point must lie on the curve. Enter the point number of click on the point on the screen.

Enter the centre point number of the circle, or click on the centre point with the mouse.

Enter the distance to the computed point. You can enter the distance in metres or click on two points and the program will compute the distance between the points and use that. The distance value can be positive (clockwise) or negative (anti-clockwise).

Arc Distance
Check this box for an Arc distance, the distance along the curve. Leave the box unchecked for a Chord distance (straight-line distance).

Press the Ok button to compute the point.

Use the repeat button to compute another point the same distance along the curve. Each Repeat uses the last computed point as the From point.