TRUN Routine

The TRUN routine is used to form cutoff corners. The corner is formed by the definition of two lines in the reference columns in the form 'B 100 106'. The first point in each line must be the intersection point for the lines. Thus the lines are defined as starting from the intersection point to two other points. There are two ways of forming the truncated corner, the first is to define the length of the cutoff line, the second is to define the distance back from the intersection point to start the cutoff.

Where the length of the cutoff is defined it should be entered in the COURSE A distance column. This will cause the program to form the cutoff line to a specific length. Where the distance from the intersection point is to be entered it should be put in the COURSE B distance column. In each case the other distance column should be left blank. The routine will form two new points, the first new point number should be entered in the UNKNOWN POINT column, the second new point number can be entered in the auxiliary point column. If the auxiliary point column is left blank, the second point formed will be the first point number plus one.