Insert Point - True Mid Bearing, Ground Distance

The True Mid Bearing and Ground Distance option allows a point to be defined by entry of a True Mid bearing and a ground distance from an existing point. This option is available via the menu option Points/Geom/True Mid Bearing, Distance.

Enter the point number to be defined. This will normally be automatically allocated as the next unused Geom Point. You can override this number, just type in the required number. Note that if you type in the number of an existing point, the new point will replace the existing point.

Enter the From point, this is the starting point for the bearing and distance calculation. You can either enter an existing point number, or click on a point in the job.

Next enter the True Mid bearing at the keyboard. (You cannot click on lines or points to define the bearing).

Ground Distance
Next enter the ground distance, that is, the actual the distance measured along the ground in the field. (You cannot click on lines or points to define the distance).