Truncate Corner

The TRUN function is used to form cut off corners. The corner is formed by the definition of two lines

Line1 Pt - Corner Pt
Line2 Pt - Corner Pt

The lines are defined by entering two point numbers on the lines. The lines must intersect at a point.
This is the new point number that will be created. This option will actually create two points, this one and the next available point number after this one.

Line 1
Line 1. Click on line 1, or key in two point numbers to define line 1 eg. (170,180)

Line 2
Line 2. Click on line 2, or key in two point numbers to define line 2 eg. (180,190)

Enter the length of the cut-off line across the corner.

Enter the setback distance back from the corner to the points to be created on each line. Tick the box to enter a setback distance.

Click ok and the program will form two new points, one on each line.

This option will write an 02 record if design file logging is enabled.