Export Road Design

This page describes how to export your road Design data as a DXF file.

Longsection, Cross Sections, Strings

  1. It is assumed that you have created a road string, design surface and cross sections
  2. If your export surface requires strings along the road joining say kerb points, edge of bitumen
    you can add codes to the design templates so that those points are coded
  3. You can use the String/Form String by code to auto join the coded points, or you can create the strings manually
  4. The Strings may be required on certain layers by the customer
  5. Make a copy of the job file (a.acs) to another name (b.acs).
  6. Warning: This process makes irreversable changes to the LS and CS data.

Remove Unwanted Data

  1. Open the copied file (b.acs)
  2. There will be some points with only a Natural Surface (NS) height.
    Some will be inside the design surface boundary and some outside.
    Those inside the boundary must be deleted,
    those outside may be retained if you want to export the surrounding NS surface.
  3. Use the Points/Select/Pts with no DS height option to select those points - delete them.
  4. Be careful not to delete Centre Points for Horizontal Curves, this will affect strings with curves
  5. Select Pts with No DS Height

Copy DS Heights

  1. Enter Sections mode, use the Points/Copy DS Heights option to copy the DS heights to the Natural Surface (NS) height.
  2. You can now form triangles and the contours will be of the Design Surface
  3. When you export strings to the DXF file, they will have the DS height values
  4. When you export the 3d faces (triangles) to the DXF file they will have the DS height values
  5. Use the Conversion/DXF Files/Write Job to DXF File
    Select required layers, Tick '3D'
  6. Copy Design Surface Heights

Design Levels - Explanation

GeoSurvey can hold two height values for a point
  1. Natural Surface height.
    This is the normal height value shown when you edit a point and
    form triangles and contours.
  2. Design Surface height
    The (road) DS heights are created and edited on longsections and cross sections