Longsection Display Properties

Change the display of the longsection on the screen.

Lonsection Name
This is the name of the currently displayed longsection.

Start Chainage
The longsection may be too long to fit on the sheet in one section. You can plot any part of the section, enter the start and end chainage you want plotted.

End Chainage
Enter the end chainage of the section you want plotted.

Base Level
Choose the base level, or don’t touch this field to allow the program to automatically choose the base level.

Horizontal Scale
Enter the required horizontal scale for the longsection display.

Vertical Scale
Enter the required vertical scale for the longsection display.

Tick this box to display the longsection name e.g. ‘Road 1’

Vertical Curves
Tick this box to display the vertical curves.

Tick this box to display the grades on the longsection.

Truncate 0s
Tick this box to truncate trailing zeros from numbers

Dogleg Lines
Tick this box to allow vertical lines to be offset or ‘dog legged’ where they are too close together.

Display Parameters
Display the details of the drawing parameters.

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