Roads FAQ

Q How do you stop stepping of base level on screen longsection
I have no method yet to do this. By making the window bigger vertically, this is minimised. Let me know what you think is the best approach. I have not done this because it would only be for the screen and not for the Sheet view...

Q How can I change the LS layout, number of decimal etc?
There is an XML file specified in the Job Settings (last field). You can edit this XML file to change the settings. These settings will be use for all jobs.

This file is usually called GeoSurvey_config.xml. You can edit this with a text editor, look for the 'section_format' there are lots of parameters you can control. Decimals, text size, font, colour etc.
Q How can I read in a job from the DOS Road package?
To read in an existing .rd file follow these steps:

1. Start a new blank job
2. Enter Strings mode
3. Use menu option Strings/Read .RD Road File
4. Browse the input file
5. Untick 'Fit to String'
6. RD Section - select '* All'
7. Press OK
The program will read in each string and automatically creates a start point for each one, and additional points along each longsection as required. The string will be constructed as an West to east line starting at the first point. The program will read in the LS and CS data from the .RD file and automatically create the points. It handles Roads, Drains and Sewers. For the each successive string/road/drain/sewer it moves the starting point North by 100m and does it all again.
8. View/Longsection - and the first longsection will be displayed.
9. Menu -Section/Select Longsections will display the list of sections, select the one you want and it will be displayed.

Q How do I Insert Points into a Longsection?
1. Display the longsection (View/Longsections and select it)
2. Select a point on the LS with left mouse click, chainage will be highlighted
3. Right mouse click on the chainage, select Point Properties to edit the data.
4. Right mouse click in a blank space, select Insert Point to insert a point, enter any chainage you want

Q How can I create a new Road from scratch?
Method A
1. Open a job, select View/Longsections
2. Press the New LS button, enter the road name etc and press OK.

Method B
1. Select View/Longsection to view the first road
2. Use Sections/New Longsection, eneter the road name and details, press OK.

Q. How do you delete longsection
Delete the string. The LS data is 'attached' to the string.

Q How can I do the Road Volumes?
1. Use View/Longsections
The first longsection will be displayed, or

Select a longsection from the list
2. Use the Sections/Road Volumes option.
Select the road
Select the chainages
It will generate a listing to a file.

Q. Cross Section Templates - How can I read my old ones
1. The menu option View/CS Template View
2. Menu option Sections/CS Templates
3. Use ‘Import Templates’, it will read old format template files or new format .acs template files

Q. Can I store templates in the job?
Yes - you can define templates and store them in the job using the CS Templates Option
1. The menu option View/CS Template View
2. Menu option Sections/CS Templates

For a detailed explanation of the CS Template options
Q. Can I store templates in an External File?
Yes - templates can be stored in an external .acs file.
When the job is started, the templates will be read from this file and used in the job.

Q How do I change templates in an external file?
Just change the template in the job and when you save the job, the changed templates will be written to the external file.

For a detailed explanation of the CS Template options