Set Cross Section Template File

Set Template File
Sets the CS Template file for this job to the required filename, discards the current job templates and reads the templates from that file.

This sets the standard template file for the job, which can also be set in the Job Settings. This will be a .acs file just containing some templates,

Job Template File
When you set the template file for the job, the job will contain the name of the template file. Whenever the job is opened, it will automatically open and read in the templates as well. If you are send a copy of the job to another party, you should also send a copy of the CS template file.

Using a CS template file allow you to share the templates among many jobs.

If you do not wish to use a template file, either create the templates in the job and they will be stored in the job, or use the ‘Read CS Template File’ option to read the templates from another job or a template file into this job. If no ‘Job Template File’ is specified, the templates will be stored within the job.

Enter the filename to save the templates. This must be a .acs.

Press this button to select the directory containing the template file.

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