ASCII Template File

The format of the file can be specified by a Template file (.TEM) which defines the layout of the point data in the ASCII file. The following parameters can be defined.

Fields/ Record:
 This defines how many data items appear on each line.

  Fixed fields (data is in set columns)

Fields definitions
  Pt Number
  'Ignore' ignore this field
  'Fixed text' this field MUST contain this text or the record is skipped
  'Latitude' - DDDMMSS.ssss
  'Longitude' - DDDMMSS.ssss
  'Contourable' - 'N','n','0' for non contourable
  '[Name:]Value' - a Name Value pair (e.g. 'Built:1915'), Name is optional.
  'Latitude-Decimal' - DDD.ddddddddd, the value in degrees with decimals instead of MMSS
  'Longitude-Decimal' - DDD.ddddddddd, the value in degrees with decimals instead of MMSS
  Design Level - exports the Design surface Level if it exists
  Design,Nat Level - export the Design surface level if it exists, if it doesn't exist, it exports the natural surface level if that exists

For Latitide-Decimal, 150.50000 = 150 deg 30' 0""
The value is a decimal value in degrees (0-360)
Note: Negative latitues values are convert to positive before conversion to E/N.

Start column (fixed fields only), enter the starting column number for each field

Width (fixed fields only), this is the number of columns in the field.

Fixed Text (fixed fields only), this text MUST be present or the record is skipped.

Name:Value - These will be added to the point as Extra Attributes,
see ExtAtt button on Point Properties to view/edit them.
Layers tick boxes for Att1, Att2 etc turn them on/off on screen.
Note: If you have a single value (no name), the name will be craeted as 'Att1' etc.

Use the Sample File button to select a file to display in the sample data window.

field1_content=Fixed Text
field2_content=Pt Number