LandXML File for NSW

15 June 2014

GeoSurvey allows a user to prepare data for export of a sub-division plan as a LandXML file for submission to the NSW LPMA, otherwise known as an ePlan.

The subdivision calculations can be done using a local origin for coordinates or they can be done using MGA coordinates and ground distances.

If the subdivision calculations are performed using a local origin, then the job should be transformed to MGA and the job datum set before exporting the LandXML file.

In NSW, survey plans of subdivision can be lodged either as a physical plan, as a LandXML document or they can be lodged in both formats. If the LandXML document contains all of the information to be shown on the plan, then a physical plan is not required. The LTO will draw the plan using their rendering software and their plan will be the one actually lodged.

Processing Steps
1. Initial Setup - Config File
2. Create the Plan heading Information
3. Integration Survey Marks
4. Point Data
5. Plan Data
6. Parcel Data
7. Editing Parcels and Lines
8. Occupations
9. Export to LandXML file


After the subdivision and surrounding survey data has been generated using the usual COGO techniques in Geosurvey: