Read Civilcad V5 ASC File

This option will read a Civilcad AS5 file generated by Civilcad V5.
It will read all the points including point codes into the job and will preserve the
Civilcad point numbers. It will also read the strings and attempt to convert them
to ACS strings. Civilcad strings are written to the file as a series of line segments,
not as continuous lines.

The program reads the string segments, reads the lot centroids and attempts to use the
line segments to form each lot around the centroid. It can handle up to 50,000 lot sides.
It will also string together any line segments which are joined but which do not form lots.

The program will also read text strings.

Overwrite Existing Points
Tick this box to allow imported points to overwrite existing points.
If this box is unticked, imported points with clashing point numbers will be give an unused point number.

For details of Civilcad V5 file format click here