Read Foresight Job

The points and strings are read from the Foresight files and inserted into the job. Select the input file, the program will automatically supply the first part of the filename. Note that Foresight filenames are the reverse of most packages. The job name is the part AFTER the dot. Thus:

db.lrm = points file for job lrm
lots.lrm = strings file for job lrm

Retain Foresight Point Numbers
When ticked the program will use the point numbers from the Foresight points file. If a point exists in the existing job and is encountered in the Foresight file the Foresight file point will overwrite the current job point.

If unticked the program will allocate new point numbers to the Foresight points. In that case the foresight strings point numbers are translated to use the newly allocated point numbers.