Write Alignment to LandXML File

This option will write a Road/Drain/Sewer Alignment (Longsection) to a LandXML file using the special Alignment data format.

Note that the LandXML Alignment data format only allows the Longsection data to be written to the file.

Output File
Choose a suitable name so you can identify it later, include the road name and the word alignment.

Choose a longsection from the list presented, it will list all Road, Drain and Sewer Longsections in the job.

Design or natural Surface Levels
If the road has a design surface you should write out the Design Surface levels.

Machine Guidance Files

Two files required for machine guidance.
1. The Alignment (longsection) file
2. The Surface File

You must prepare your job data carefully and then generate each of these files separately.
This option (above) is used to generate the Alignment file.
The Write Surface to LandXML File option should be used to generate the Surface file

Preparing Job for Alignment File

Alignment File Format

This is a standard XML file format, with data format defined by the LandXML standard.
This is a sample of some Alignment file data

    <Alignment name="R3L" staStart="4.805329" length="34.841115">
        <Line staStart="4.805329">
          <Start>58.166362 96.336988</Start>
          <End>58.109736 96.523242</End>
        <Line staStart="5">
          <Start>58.109736 96.523242</Start>
          <End>56.655326 101.307036</End>
        <ProfAlign name="Vertical Geometry">
          <PVI>4.805329 100.099543</PVI>
          <PVI>5 100.098755</PVI>
          <PVI>39.646444 99.953351</PVI>
   <Feature code="RR Stringline Layers">
      <Feature code="RR Stringline Layer">
        <Property label="name" value="Road 3"/>
        <Property label="centreline" value="R3"/>