Write Civilcad V4 ASC File

This option will write the current job data to a Civilcad ASC file (that is a Civilcad V4 file). It will write selected points to the file and will preserve the point numbers. It will also write the strings and convert them to Civilcad strings. Civilcad strings are written to the file as a series of line segments, not as continuous lines.

The program will also write text strings.

Select Points/Layers
You can select individual layers and ranges of points to be written to the file, enter the starting and ending point numbers of the range of points required. See Select Points/Layers for more details.

If multiple options are used only those points which fulfil all the checks will be written to the output file.

Layer Code Translation
This option allows layer names and codes to be converted to different (Customer specified) layer names and codes when writing an output file. See Layer Translation for more details.

The ACS objects are all output according to their current display parameters. Attributes such as layer, colour, line type (style), rotation angle and font size are converted to their corresponding Civilcad equivalents. If the user has chosen a layer/code translation file, it is used in the conversion of points, strings and text to their Civilcad equivalent.

If you choose not to use the layer/code translation file, be very careful with the layer names. Civilcad is not as flexible with its layer naming conventions. Civilcad does not appear to allow punctuation or spaces in its layer names. If you get errors when importing the DXF into Civilcad, it may be because a layer name does not meet Civilcad’s layer naming convention.

Translation Notes
Layer Names - are truncated to 4 characters.

Points: The ptno, layer, E,N,H,Code are written to the Civilcad file, other point attributes are ignored.

Strings: The string layer, Colour(pen), Linetype(style) and point numbers for each segment are written. All other string attributes are ignored (including the name).

Text: The text layer, E,N, text size, rotation, colour(pen) and text string are written. All other text attributes are ignored.

General Notes:
The maximum point number which can be written is 99,999 as Civilcad then inserts an extra digit and pushes all the subsequent columns one character to the right.