Write ESRI Shape File

This option will points to an ESRI format shape file in type 11 PointZ format.
An associated dbf file will be generated for the the following attributes for each point
Number, Type, Name, Code, Remark.

Nine files may be created:
  1. Jobname_Points.dbf - Point attribute data
  2. Jobname_Points.shp - Point co-ords data
  3. Jobname_Points.shx - Index for the Point.shp file
  4. Jobname_Polygons.dbf - Polygons attribute data
  5. Jobname_Polygons.shp - Polygons coords data
  6. Jobname_Polygons.shx - Index for the Polygons.shp file
  7. Jobname_Polylines.dbf - Polylines attribute data
  8. Jobname_Polylines.shp - Polylines coords data
  9. Jobname_Polylines.shx - Index for the Polylines.shp file
Un-closed strings are exported to the 'Polyline' file and Closed strings (Lots) to 'Polygon' file.
String Attributes

String Attributes Exported
Point Attributes Exported