Write Points to File

The operator may wish to send data to other survey systems, this option can be used to write the point co-ordinates to an ASCII file in one of several format including:

ACS File file
27 records
26 records
ASCII comma delimited file

Output File
Enter the output filename, the default extension will be .T27.

If a sheet name is entered, only points on that sheet will be written to the output file

Browse the disk to select the directory for the output file and the output filename. If you select an existing file, you will be warned and allowed to append the data to the existing file or you can overwrite the existing file.

Select Points/Layers
You can select individual layers and ranges of points to be written to the file, enter the starting and ending point numbers of the range of points required. See Select Points/Layers for more details.

If multiple options are used only those points which fulfil all the checks will be written to the output file.

Record Type
The output file format can be in

27 records
26 records
* Comma delimited format. This has one point per line, with commas between the point number, Easting, Northing, Height and code. This format is ideal when converting the data for use in a spreadsheet program.

Write Point Numbers
The point number can optionally be put on the 27 record when it is written. If the points are to be inserted into another job with different point numbers, don't write point numbers on the 27 records.