MST Code/Stringing File

The .MST code/stringing file is obsolete - use the xml definition for codes and stings instead.
See XML String Codes for more details.

This file contains the following data:
The file is usually called STRING_DEF.MST, it is a comma separated value file which defines the string codes which can be used by the user and also defines the colours and layers assigned by the program to those codes.

String Codes
stringPoint or String (mandatory)
codepoint code (mandatory)
typestring type, L - Lot, T - Traverse, U - Unannot, R - Road, D - Drain, S - Sewer, K - Kerb, I - Discon, B - Boundary, N - Notri, W - Water, X - Structure (mandatory)
disconY/N, string is a breakline (when type=Discon, string is automatically a breakline)
layerlayer name (mandatory)
colourColour name (if blank, use layer colour)
styleLine style number (if blank, use layer style)
thicknessline width in mm (if blank, use layer thickness)

Point Codes
Point indicates this line defines a code associated with a point (Mandatory)
code point code (mandatory)
Symbol enter the symbol name/number (Mandatory)
contourable Y/N
layer layer name (mandatory)
colour Colour name (if blank, use layer colour)
size symbol size in mm (if blank, use layer symbol size)
scaleable Y/N (default=No) (e.g. Trees scale with display scale). Enter M to sepcify the symbol size in the field above is in Metres instead of mm.
scale_attribute Name of the Point Attribute used to scale the symbol

The 9th field for the Point definition is a scale attribute.
If this value is not present, it defaults to using
C - Canopy
D - trunk diameter
If it is present, it will be used.