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Create Mesh from Triangles

This option will create points on a grid mesh and insert them into the user-specified layer.
There are two ways of defining the mesh origin and extents

Select the surface/triangles to be used to interpolate height values

New Pts Layer
Select the layer into which the new points will be inserted from the list, or click ‘New’ to create a new layer.

String Boundary
If you want the mesh points confined within a String Boundary - tick this box.
Then click the boundary string on the screen to select it

Easting Origin
Enter the X (Easting) origin of the grid mesh

Northing Origin
Enter the Y (Northing) origin of the grid mesh

Easting Extent
Enter the X Extent of the grid mesh

Northing Extent
Enter the Y Extent of the grid mesh

Grid Interval
Enter the grid interval or size

Do XY Points
Tick to include points outside triangles, they will have no height value.

Set Z = Ht Diff
If there are two surfaces, this option can set the height values on the mesh points to be the height difference between the two surfaces at that point.

Note: Points will only be created where triangles exist unless the 'Do XY Points' box is ticked.