Dam Volume

This option computes the volume of the water at specified heights for the dam, the results are in cubic metres.

Follow these steps:
  1. Form triangles over the dam surface. You need coverage across the inside and up to the top.
  2. Add Discons/Breaklines to make sure the shape of the triangles resembes the actual dam surface.
  3. You may need to add a discon around the flat bottom of the dam
  4. Form Contours at the required intervals (say 0.2m)
  5. Examine the contours to ensure they correctly model the dam surface shape
  6. Start The Dam Volume option
  7. Select the Top Water level contour with the mouse.
  8. Press 'Compute' and it will calculate the volume (of water) in the dam below the selected contour level.

If a Results file is specified, the results will be written to that file.