Field Station Setup Properties

A Field Station Setup is used when you have setup the theodolite on a field station and have taken some observations. There are certain data items for the station setup which are recorded and are used during the reduction to compute the XYZ values for the observed points.

Setup Station Name
Enter the name of the setup station.

Height of Instrument
The height of instrument is used to compute the XYZ values for the points observed from this station. If left blank, the XY values can be computed for the points, but no height can be calculated.

Azimuth Method
You can set the method used to compute the Azimuth Swing as follows.
The Automatic method is the default for all station setups and is compatible with all existing field obs data in .acs files.
If with wish to always use say method '2 - Use Next Obs Stn to compute', you can set the default value in the GeoSurvey Config file for the <fieldStnAzimuthMethod