File to Recorder

Send a data file to the data recorder to be used in the field for a set out purposes.

File to Send
Enter the name of the data file to be sent to the data recorder.

Browse the disk to find the file you want transmitted.

Output Serial Port
Select the serial port to be used, connect the data recorder to that port, usually COM1 or COM2.

Baud Rate
This is usually 9600, 8 data bits, Parity-None, Stops Bits-1. Select the setting as required by your data recorder. Some older Sokkia recorders use 2400 or 4800.

When you are ready, press 'Send' and have the data recorder ready to receive the data.
As the data is transmitted, it is displayed on the screen.
When the transfer is complete, the program will indicate that and display how many lines have been sent.