Neutral File

The Neutral file format is designed to hold Field Session Observations.
Only certain fields are read in, all others are ignored.

Note: All angles and bearings ar4e in decimal degrees. DDD.MMSS

Station Definition
Allows you define a station by co-ordinates.
ID=1, - sets the station point number
E=2000.000, - sets the station Easting or X co-ordinate
N=5000.000, - sets the station Norhing or Y co-ordinate
N=100.000, - sets the station Height or Z value

XYZ ID=1, E=2000.000, N=5000.000, H=100.000

Station Setup
Defines a field setup on a station.
ID=1, - User is setting up on station 1
HI=00.000, - sets the Height of Instrument for this set of observations
CO=STN..., - optional, code


Defines a field setup on a station.
ID=500, - Observation is to point 500 (creating point 500. If this point exists, it will be a check shot
HA=359.59569, - Horizontal Angle
VA= 89.22259, - Vertical Angle
SD= 59.1777, - Slope Distance
HT=0.000, - Height of Target
CO= -, - Code for point

SS ID=500, HA=359.59569, VA= 89.22259, SD= 59.1777, HT=0.000, CO= -, EDM= Stan,Tape, P.C=0.0344

Back Bearing
Defines the azimuth for a station setup
AZ=63.05473, - Sets the azimuth for subsequent observations

BKB BS=801, AZ=63.05473 , DIST=49.4516, HT=0.0000, Prism=Roun, P.C=0.000