Points to Recorder

Send a set of data points to the data recorder to be used in the field for set out purposes.

Select Points
Select the points to be sent to the data recorder, select the layers and points ranges to be sent.

xxx Points
This field shows the number of points which will be sent to the data recorder.

Serial Port
Select the serial port to be used, connect the data recorder to that port, usually COM1 or COM2.

Baud Rate
This is usually 9600, 8 data bits, Parity-None, Stops Bits-1. Select the setting as required by your data recorder. Some older Sokkia recorders use 2400 or 4800.

Not currently used.

Not currently used.

Data Recorder
The following data recorders are supported for data upload of points:
Sokkia SDR2
Sokkia SDR33
Geodimeter 600

This is IMPORTANT, if the program tries to send say SDR2 data to a Geodimeter, it will probably get gibberish or nothing.

New Job
For Sokkia data recorders only:
If the 'New Job' option is ticked this creates a NEW JOB in the SDR and the SDR will automatically set that job to records heights on observations.

If the 'New Job' option is not ticked, you should manually create the job in the SDR and also you can optionally set the SDR up so that it will either record heights or not record heights. If no job name is sent, the points data is added to the existing job you have open in the SDR. This allows you add new data to the same job in the SDR. This is the only way to upload data to a Sokkia data recorder to a job with no height values.

Include Heights
Tick this box to send height values (where available) on points sent to the data recorder.