Read Data Recorder

Read data from a data recorder and write the data to a file on the PC. This option does not interpret the data or convert the data format. It simply copies whatever the data recorder sends down the serial line to a disk file.

Input Port
Select the serial port to be used, connect the data recorder to that port, usually COM1 or COM2.

Baud Rate
This is usually 9600, 8 data bits, Parity-None, Stops Bits-1. Select the setting as required by your data recorder. Some older Sokkia recorders use 2400 or 4800.

Output File
Enter the name of the output file into which the raw data will be written. This is usually the job number with a .RAW extension.

Browse the disk to select the directory into which the file will be placed.

Display Window
The raw data will be displayed here as it is received.

Press this button to start the reception.
Press this button BEFORE starting the data recorder transmission. The program will wait for the data to arrive and will display it as it arrives and will then write it to disk.