Read Field Session File

This option allows the user to Import field data direct from a data recorder file.
Right click on the Sessions entry or on a session with no data and select the option 'Read Field Data File'. This option, allows the data recorder file information to be imported directly into a Session. If you don't have a session, one is automatically created.

This is the session name, it will usually be set to the input data recorder filename or a name chosen by the user. E.g (day1, Day2 etc).

Raw File
This is the name of a data recorder file in one of the following formats.
Browse the disk to select the directory and file to be read.

Data Format
When you select a Raw File, the program will inspect the file to try to determine the data recorder format. You should confirm that the selection is correct and if necessary change it to the correct data type.

Use Field Point Numbers
Tick this box to use the point numbers recorded in the field data record in the job.
If unticked, the program will automatically allocate the point numbers.
For SDR field data, if ticked, and you have an alpha observed point name, it cannot convert that to a number,
so it uses the obs point name as an observed station

TPS Coding
Select your required Leica coding method.

Field Point Numbers to Remarks
If you are not using the field point numbers it is sometimes seful to insert the field point numbers into the point remark field for future reference.

When reading a Sokkia or Neutral file it will record the minimum and maximum field point numbers on the session record. This will be the points range which will be erased during data reduction.