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Stockpile Volume

Select a Surface/Boundary fom the list.
If there none there, you need to form the triangles for a surface first.

This option computes the volume of a stockpile given a Surface for a stockpile.
Boundary strings can be used around each stockpile if necessary.
The program will first form the lower surface model using the points on the boundary string of the stockpile. It will then form the upper surface model using all the points inside the boundary string and compute the volume of each triangular prism formed.

The results will be displayed on the screen and optionally written to the listing file.

Points to Note
  1. Ensure stockpile bases have a single closed string.
  2. Inspect data, triangulate model, contour at 0.1m and resolve any errors.
  3. Review triangles and ensure there are no ‘holes’ (shade triangles).
  4. Use the menu option Topo/Stockpile Volume. Select a stockpile base string.
  5. Choose listing file (*.txt) – this is advisable, though not mandatory.
  6. Click “Compute”.
  7. Refer to *.txt file or copy/paste report into a file as necessary.
  8. Verify volume report using a common-sense approach such as calculating surface area x average height and via an alternative method such as ‘between surfaces.’
How it Works