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Triangle Parameters

This dialog box allow you to set the way triangles will be generated and displayed.

Note: These parameter default values can be set in the GeoSurvey_Config.xml file if desired.
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Max Triangle Length
Determines the maximum triangle size allowed in the job. Any triangle with a side larger than this value will not be formed. This helps to stop unwanted long triangles forming down the side of the job. You should enter a value about 2-3 times the average spacing between lots.

If the length is left blank, triangles of any length will be allowed.

Ignore discon segments with non-contourable points.
Normally, a non contourable point on a discon will cause an error, tick this box to ignore the discon line segments affected.

This can mask errors on points. e.g Non-contourable Points on discons. A point could ne non-contourable because it was incorrectly coded, or a Geom(XY) point may have been incorrectlyt joined into the Discon. These errors should really be fixed, you should do a triangle formation without a boundary first to fix these types of errors.
Discon segments include Discons, No-Contour areas, boundaries or other strings marked as Discons

Use Point-Discon Distance
Tick this box to enable the minimum point Ė discon test during triangle formation.

Minimum Point-Discon Distance
Points close to a discon line may have been missed. Points closer than this distance to a discon line will be flagged as errors. If you donít want to worry about this issue use a small tolerance value, like the default value = 0.010m.

Ignore Discon Segments Outside Boundary
Normally, a discon outside the boundary will cause an error, tick this box to ignore the discon line segments affected. This also applies to no-contour areas.

Ignore Invisible Points for Triangle Formation
When ticked, Triangle formation will ignore points on Invisible layers.