DOS Compatibility - Windows

Funny Numbers on the Screen
For users of Some buyers of new Windows PCs have funny numbers appear on the screen around the menus. This is caused by the program issuing commands to position the cursor. These commands are usually handled by ANSI.SYS under DOS, you need to tell Windows NT/2000/XP about this.

Procedure: On Windows NT/2000/XP you do not place the config command in 'config.sys'.
Instead insert the command in the file

Go to the bottom and insert the command

Save the file, then reopen and new dos box, problem should be solved.
Isn't that obvious!!!!!

Win98 Users - Software Lock Problems
Some buyers of new Windows98 PCs have had problems getting the DOS sessions to recognise the software lock. This problem can be cured by following these instructions.

Serial Lock Problems
Some laptop manufacturers (e.g. Toshiba) to increase battery life have a setting to switch off power to the serial port. In DOS mode programs such as GeoSurvey will not detect the serial port unless EnablePowerManagement is switched off in the registry using RegEdit. This also applies to desktop machines! Some data recorders will also not wake the serial port in DOS mode.

The Registry Key is:

Change the value of the EnablePowerManagement” Key using Edit/Modify from:
"01 00 00 00” to “00 00 00 00"

Reboot to test your serial port.

Software Locks - Overview
There are two types of software locks, Serial locks and Parallel locks:

Serial Locks: The newer ones have a grey plastic case and have lock numbers > 134. The older ones have a silver body. Both these work the same way, they connect to the Serial port on the PC, either COM1 or COM2. The COM1/2 ports on the PC are male connectors and have either 9 pins or 25 pins. If the PC has a 9 pin connector, buy a 9-25 adaptor from a PC shop, they cost about $10-15.

USB Locks: These are green plastic. You will need to install a USB driver first - see the Mimaka downloads page.