Select Viewport

This option will select a Viewport. The Viewport determines the plot scale and the extents of the plan.

Select a Viewport from the dropdown list

Select if a grid is to be printed on the plan. If this box is ticked, you can set the grid parameters by pressing the ‘Grid Options button’. The following grid options can be set.

Grid Size (m) - enter the distance between the grid line in ground metres

Grid Type - The grid can be a Full line grid, a Graticule grid (crosses), or None for just the edge ticks to be drawn.

Graticule Size - This is the size of the crosses for a Graticule grid, in plan millimetres

Line Colour - This is the line colour to be used

Text Size (mm) - Enter the size of the labels attached to the Eastings and Northings in plan millimetres

Text Colour - This is the colour to be used for the text

Border Colour - This is the colour to be used for the border

Text Inside Border - This option when ticked will plot the Easting/Northing text inside the grid border along the grid lines.

No Left/Bottom Text - This option when ticked removes any grid text along the left border and bottom border.

The layers button allows any layers to be made visible or invisible. This allows you to control which layers will or will not be printed. To ensure a layer is printed, check the visibility box, labelled ‘Vis’. To ensure a layer is not printed, uncheck the visibility box.

Plan Form
The Print menu option allows the user to select a plan form to be printed with a viewport. A Plan Form contains the lines and text which form the border and explanatory text on a plan. There are two different types of Plan Forms, one stored in the GeoSurvey_config.xml file and others stored in standard .acs jobs.

XML Plan forms - for more information click here

ACS Plan forms - for more information click here

Output To
Select if the plan is to be written to a printer or to a DXF file. If a Printer is selected, the program will display a prompt screen to allow you to select which Windows printer will be used and to configure the printer for Portrait or Landscape mode.

If a DXF file is selected, the program will prompt you to enter the output DXF filename.

Vp Name/Scale/Rot
Tick the box to have the program print the Viewport Name, Scale, Origin and Rotation on the plan. The rest of the job is lifted up 1cm so that this info can be printed in the bottom right corner of the sheet.

HP Plotter
This option reverses the angles for printing text on some older HP printer. The text rotation direction was reversed on these HP printers. This option allows the program to correct for this by reversing the text printing angle direction (clockwise <--> counter-clockwise.