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Alignment Report

Prints a listing of the Points near a string including the point offset and height differences.

Output File

The report will be written to this file which is created using the current job name.
The format is mostly fixed fields layout for easy reading but has commas after each data field so that it can be read into Excel as a CSV file for easy manipulation.
For more info on the default save location click here.

Alignment String

The name of teh selected string.
Click on a string with the left mouse button to select it.
Where there are several strings very close or overlapping, click using the right mouse button and select the required string from the list.

Select Points

You can select the Points to be included in the report by layer etc.

Max Offset

Points with an offset greater than this avlue will be excluded from the report.

Show Pt Code/Remark/Name

Tick this box to also display:

Incr_Dist Tolerance

The incremental distance bewteen each point is computed and compared to this value.
An error is displayed if the incremental distance exceeds the entered tolerance.


The Alignment String is A - B - ...
For the Point Pt1, the Offset distance is computed
The 'OffsetPt' is the nearest string point to the square offset IP from Pt1.

Exception Points
Some points (Pt2) do not strictly have a square offset IP on A-B or B-C.
In these cases it adopts the chainage of the nearest string point.
All points in the area of the orange dotted lines will be treated in this fashion.

Sample Report:

Mimaka :  Alignment Report - 12-Oct-2020 14:53:56

Alignment : 635111-CL_2D
15.000  Maximum Offset Distance

9 Points rejected
  Point,   Chainage,   Offset
  20078,  17766.997,  119.605
  20180,  48371.255,   25.634
  20356, 116600.129,   19.364

  Point,   Chainage,   Offset, Height(IP),Height-Diff,      Easting,   Northing,    Height,OffsetPt,      Code,    Remark,      Name,
  20014,    571.221,    1.490,           ,           ,   433077.201,6814313.111,   423.733,    1005,  PLSIG,  Warning Sign,  PLSIG,
  20021,    828.565,    1.478,           ,           ,   433173.318,6814551.832,   425.278,    1006,  PLCPP,  Warning Sign,  PLCPP,
  20015,   1227.190,    1.522,           ,           ,   433322.261,6814921.585,   427.657,    1008,  PLSIG,  Warning Sign,  PLSIG,
  20613, 198211.814,    1.497,           ,           ,   584987.404,6903288.993,   413.223,    1922,  PLSIG, Warning Sign,  ROAD US,
728 Points computed