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Pipeline Point Edit

Allows editing of points along a pipeline.
The Easting, Northing and Height can be changed on the point to chnage the pipline design angles, grades etc.
The horizontal and vertical angles are recomputed and displayed after the change.

The Pipeline String selected for editing.
To select a pipeline/string, click the mouse on a string in the main window.
Any string is acceptable:

Point, E, N, H
The point selected for editing.
Click on a point, or enter the point number followed bya TAB
The Pipeline String selected for editing.

Save Changes
Press to save the co-ord chnages to the Point.
The Maximum chnage in E, N or H values is 10m in one change.


Press to recompute the pipeline design parameters at the point.

Set the number of decimal places to be displayed in the computed values.