Points Height Analysis Report

This report will compare the height value for the point to those points around it and will list the point (and will also select the point) if it is outside the height tolerance specified. Note that these points are ‘selected’ so that you can then delete them or make them non-contourable.

Report File
Enter the listing filename, the listing will show:

Point number, Easting, Northing, Height, Average-Height of nearby points, Code

The report format will be as follows:

    1      248.833     464.235   100.5   110.2         
    2      339.872     493.502    99.6    98.2     

Select Points/Layers
This button allows you to select which points are tested.

See Select Layers for more information.

For each point to be tested, all points with the XY-Range distance will be used to compute an ‘average height’. If the point height is higher or lower than Z_Tolerance than the average, it will be listed (and selected).

This the tolerance used for the point height comparison.