Form String by Points

This option allows formation of a string using various point fields such as Code, Remark.
If data is imported with say Chainage values in the Remark field, choose you can sort the points by chainage(Remark field)
and it will then create the string in chainage order
It will only work on the Selected Points.

If you want to form many strings at once, use a code library and use the Form Strings by Code Library option.

String Name
Enter the name of the String to be created.

String Type
Select the string type to be formed.

Select the desired layer for the Strting

Select Points
Select the points to be used to for the string formation.

Point Field
Choose which point field will be used to sort the Points.
You can choose:

Sort Type
Use a Numeric sort to compare number fields (Point number, Easting ..)
Use a alpha sort if ther data fields contain alpha characters (Point Code 'BB1')