Insert Regular Road Chainage Points

This option will insert points along a road at even chainages.
You can perform this operation on multiple strings at once. Select the strings and then start this option, the dlg box will show 'N Strings selected'. Note that the point insertion will only be done for strings of type:

The road string can be selected with the mouse, the string name will be displayed as the road name, and the output road filename.

Start Point Number
Enter the starting point number for the inserted points.

Chainage Increment
This is the distance between successive points along the road.

Point Tolerance
Where a proposed chainage point is computed near an existing point, it is usually best to adopt the existing road point.
This is the minimum 'tolerance' distance to be used when checking if there is an existing close road point.

Add Chainage to Point Name
For each inserted point, it writes the chanage value into the point 'Name' field