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Insert String

This option allows the user to insert a new string into the job.

Enter the name of the string.

Road Chainage
Enter the Road Chainage for the new string.

The string type can be chosen from the drop down list. Lot, Traverse, Unannot, Road, Drain,...

Line Colour
The string line colour can be that of the layer or it can be set from the drop down list.

Fill Colour
For closed strings (e.g. Lots) the string fill colour can be specified, the lot will be coloured in using that colour. It can be set to follow the Layer Fill colour or it can be set from the drop down list.

Line Style
The string line style can be that of the layer or it can be set from the drop down list.

The string layer can any layer in the job, it is best to place all strings or a group of strings onto the same layer. Select the layer for the string from the drop down list of layers.

The line width in mm. The string width can be the value set for the layer or it can be set from the drop down list.

Select the Plan from the list, or press the [...] button to create a new plan.

Point A
Click or enter a point number.
Each time that a point is selected with the mouse it will be displayed in the Pt A box.

The Centre Point number can be entered here or it will be displayed here when clicked with the mouse.
If the CTR box is ticked, the next point selected will be a centre point and it will be displayed in the Centre field
Or, press the 'C' key and then click on the centre point

Hold Ctr
Tick this box to hold the centre point when entering multiple curves with the same centre point.
When finished entering the sequence of curves, un-tick the box and it will revert to entry of straight segments.

Point B
Click or enter the second point for the segment.
If the Pts To box is ticked, the program will insert a sequence of consecutive points between point A and Point B

Pts To
This allows you to add many sequential points to the string quickly.
Tick the 'Pts To' box and then enter Point B at the keyboard (and hit TAB) or by clicking on it.
The program will add all the points sequentially from Point A to Point B into the string.
It works forwards and backwards (increasing point numbers or decreasing point numbers).
A maximum of 300 points can be added in one go. It will automatically skip non-existing points.

If a centre point is specified, it will be used on all the added line segments.

End String
This button terminates the string and stores the string into the job.

Undo Segment
Use the Undo Segment button to delete the last line segment.
You can delete segments repeatedly until you reach the beginning of the string.

Reverse String
This button will reverse the order of points in the string.

Close String
Press to add a segment to the first point in the string thus closing the string.